What we do..

We are a solutions based organization here to create opportunity

Arts on the Rise Project- Musical/Cultural Outreach within urban and rural communities. The data shows that exposure to active musicians, songwriters and instrumentalists can help expand students understanding of what is possible. This level of exposure is harder to attain in small, rural communities.

Black Box Improv These monthly events combine hip hop/spoken word free style with jazz improv. As two part envents, look for professionally curated shows by known artists in hip hop and jazz combine with open mic flow. Themes such as Black History Month, Women's History Month, Pride and more are to be explored with this ever evolving series. 


Pop Ups! Performance opportunities for musicians of color, women and non-gender conforming artists (instrumentalists, songwriters, composers, actors, vocalists), as well as younger less established performers. This includes pop-up style public performances, parades, traditional (non-pop up) performances, audition preparation with local musicians.


House Concerts for a Cause- Fundraising concerts to source and to supply instruments for potential music students for whom music study and instrumentation is financially out of reach.


Removal of barriers to attend/experience performance based art in various forms. This will mean offering performances at no cost in racially diverse, economically challenged neighborhoods.