We want to see women, performers of color and non-binary/queer performers on stage. We want to create spaces that make artists who have long felt marginalized now feel valued.

The arts have always been a vehicle for social change. Much of the music we know and cherish expresses the impacts of oppression and pain but also, freedom, hope and empowerment. It is our mission to continue to challenge the limiting structures of racism and sexism in place for so many performers and create further social change through opportunity for artistic expression, performance and the realization of talent, passion and determination that surrounds us each and every day.

By working to support underrepresented artists to those who desire to perform, create and experience art, we are holding space for truly human moments of beauty, provocation and passion for the world around us.


The time is now. Join us.

The Collective is a 501(c)4 nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of underpresented performance artists.


Our four main areas of programming are:

Regional Music Outreach

Within rural communities, supplemental education opportunities such as instrument clinics taught by instrumentalists and performance opportunities combining local music groups combined with high school  bands and orchestras. We intend to expose music students to wider variety of possibilities both academically and artistically to help foster creativity, commitment and motivation to continue to learn and perform. We feel that exposure to active musicians, songwriters and instrumentalists can help expand student’s understanding of what is possible. This level of exposure is harder to attain in small, rural communities.


All Calls and Sub Opportunities

There are some seriously talented artists in our midst even if they don’t play in well known bands and groups. Are you one such performer? Are you creating original work? Are you an instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, actor, vocalist or dancer?  We want you to perform with us and everywhere else! We will listen to your goals and support you to get to where you want to be. Are you ready and willing to work but coming up against limitations? We want to know so that we can come together collectively and remove them.

Concerts for a Cause

Concerts for a Cause is helping kids throughout the region realize their musical dreams. For those who love and support local music, you can also support the next generation of local performers! Join us for monthly offerings of intimate, in home concerts and listening sessions and help raise money to provide instruments to students in need through ticket sales ad donations.

Music comes to all of us

The music comes to us all. Everyone deserves access to performance, regardless of income, ethnicity, age or gender. We are taking to the streets to dance, play and move in neighborhoods and cities across southern Minnesota. What’s that sound coming down the street? It might just be us..

What haven’t we thought of? Email us and share your ideas and experiences. We are in this together and need you to keep us in the loop in on the needs of your community.